Lititz. Just nine miles north of Lancaster, PA, a little town sits tucked quietly into the bosom of Mother’s Earth’s fertile fields and underground limestone rivers. The sound of horses hooves clatter along the tiny streets, the town’s locals busily sweep their sidewalks. Hands raise in greetings, smiles cross faces as neighbors pass each other on the streets. Mothers and their children feed the fat ducks as they float down the park’s canal. This scenario, played over and over since the early 1700s, still happens every day in Lititz. Lititz, you see, is the hometown everyone wishes was theirs!

Although we have Amish and Mennonite neighbors, it was the Moravian people who settled in Lititz as early as the 1740s. Originally hailing from Bohemia and Moravia, what we now recognize as the Czech Republic, these peaceful, pious people, trying desperately to elude persecution as far back as the 15th century, found their way to Saxony, Germany and through missionary work, eventually to the "colonies," specifically the Warwick Township, Pennsylvania area, where their new settlement would be named "Lititz" in 1756.

In 1961, a group of dedicated Lititz residents combined efforts to preserve the rich history of this area; the Lititz Historical Foundation, a non-profit organization, which includes the Lititz Museum and the Johannes Mueller House, was created. 

Visitors to the Lititz Museum and Johannes Mueller House learn a history rich in creativity. The important contributions made in Lititz are displayed through the many artifacts and exhibits, some of which change on a regular basis, making each visit an adventure.

Whether you're looking for artifacts from the very first inhabitants of the Lititz area--the Native Americans, an intriguing display of Frakturs and stitchery, a historic Moravian home complete with memorabilia of family life, or a replica of Gen. John Sutter’s bedroom, there's something here that will inspire YOU! 

The displays within the museum, which is housed in the Christian Schropp home from 1793, provide just the right atmosphere for a trip in time back to the late 1700s in the Moravian society of Lititz. An illustrated timeline pictures the growth of Lititz from Indian settlements through the incorporation of the present Borough system. The Sutter Room, dedicated to General John Sutter, founder of Sacramento, California, a resident of Lititz from 1871 to 1880, is furnished with items from his home. Other rooms throughout the museum offer items seen nowhere else in the world.

Next door, in the Johannes Mueller House, our friendly and knowledgeable costumed docents lead visitors through the 1792 home, offering a captivating glimpse at what everyday life was like for an 18th century tradesman and his family in a closed Moravian settlement. The house retains its original architectural character and has been carefully restored with hundreds of traditional items from the late 1700s and early 1800s. The items are all family heirlooms that have been lovingly passed down through generations of Lititz families and donated to the foundation so that others may explore the diverse historical, regional and social traditions of the early Moravian settlers.

Lititz Historical Foundation   :   137-145 East Main Street, Lititz, PA  17543   :   717.627.4636
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